The Path of Non-Attachment

Excerpt from Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


The pattern of fewer and fewer attachments I call the path of non-attachment. This happens to a more-or-less degree with old souls, with those who are getting old physically, with those who find enlightenment and with those pursuing deeper psychological paths. Folks on the path of non-attachment are moving beyond many of the cyclic patterns, finding themselves dropping many attachments and not replacing them.

It is useful to understand the naturalness of this process. If you are aware of an attachment, it does no good to try to drop it. If you learn the lesson(s) involved with that attachment, then it will drop of its own accord with no effort on your part. What can be beneficial is to become aware of the attachment, to look for the lesson(s) involved and to try to learn the lesson(s). If this is an old pattern of attachment for you, then it may help to ask yourself if you really need that attachment.

For example, assume that your car history has been jalopy, subcompact, mid-size and Cadillac. It may be helpful to ask yourself if you really want the Ferrari about which you have been fantasizing. If there is importance or excitement associated with the Ferrari, then you still are attached and may need to get it. If you are able to eliminate the importance and the excitement by self-change or therapy, then you will have no desire for a Ferrari.

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