Is Your Meditation Valuable?

Excerpt from Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


Your body will actually tell you if you measure tension levels (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, or extremities' temperatures) over the long-term. Short-term feeling good is a seductive trap that many use to "prove" how valuable the meditation was. Such folks never consider that meditation might be used the way the addict uses opium, as a short-term fix. Opium too will cause our bodies to relax temporarily.

When approaching spiritual realms, I suggest going with a purpose, not as a tourist. Tourists often get excited and have cheap spiritual highs, but they rarely understand in depth the places they visit.

I do recommend some meditation, but only with the proviso that you have a spiritual goal in mind before almost every meditation. That goal would be to receive help, healing, teaching or guidance for you personally and/or for others. The goal is not to meditate for an hour but to allow space and time for an hour to let spirit flow through you in response to your goal of becoming, for example, less judgmental. Then the visions and images related to your specific goal will much more likely be forthcoming than if you had no goal.

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