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What your audience can learn:

Why the Law of Attraction fails most folks

How God's love, meditation and prayer are used addictively by millions

How to become more aligned with soul rather than selfish ego

How to measure spiritual development

How to evaluate spiritual systems

How to avoid 101 spiritual traps and treadmills

How to more effectively use available spiritual tools

    and much more


Possible intro:

My next guest is Thayer White, author, therapist, and New Age explorer for the past 25 years. He has written a controversial new book titled Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze.

Sample Interview Questions:

  • So Thayer, you say that the Law of Attraction usually fails folks. That contradicts many New Age teachers, doesn't it?

  • Would you explain your statement that "God's love, meditation and prayer are opium for the New Age masses?"

  • What spiritual traps and treadmills do you discuss in your book?

  • How would you suggest I go about aligning with my soul rather than with my selfish ego?

  • You recommend measuring blood pressure, heart rates and fingertip temperatures. Why?

  • You talk in Chapter 6 about spiritual tools. Which tools do you recommend?

  • You talk a lot about "loving what is." Why is that important?

  • You criticize most every New Age system. Are there any you DO recommend?

  • People often have their favorite spiritual books. But they probably are not on your recommended list of books for study. Why not?

  • Should people be worried about New Age cults?

  • You talk about a five-year spiritual plan? Why so long?

  • Do you think your book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze is for everyone?

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