Empty Mind Meditation

Excerpt from Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


Empty Mind Meditation. This is the most commonly recommended type of meditation. Supposedly, if we can let go of our monkey minds (that jump all over the place), then we will achieve the meditative state of "no mind." I do agree that it is beneficial to reduce the impact of our flitting minds, and I think that this can sometimes result in a slightly better alignment with our souls. However, the underlying purpose for the meditation will be the most important factor in determining alignment. With neurotic-ego-based intent (to feel good, to be spiritual, or to do the right thing) then meditation will become a covering-over process designed to avoid life issues. With such intent, then achieving an empty mind will not produce anything more than a temporary feel good experience similar to that reached via opium.

Notes: I do not recommend empty mind meditation for those 30% of us who have the top center in their Human Design Chart energized (see Chapter 12). Nor do I recommend subscribing to the following mind traps (Chapter 8): "everything is a mystery," "you can't know anything for sure," or "thinking is not good."

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