Review by Belinda Gore
Author of Ecstatic Body Postures

" An excellent travel guide for the spiritual seeker." Belinda Gore, Ph.D., author of Ecstatic Body Postures

A short excerpt about ecstatic body postures from Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:

"Many ancient figurines depict people in various postures that look rather unnatural. People today have duplicated these postures and discovered that various spiritual experiences happen in the presence of spiritual intent (with perhaps one or more rituals such as drumming or "calling the directions"). Some of these spiritual experiences may be ecstatic, some may involve communications from spirit guides and others may involve challenging difficult answers to personal questions.

Belinda Gore, in Ecstatic Body Postures (Gore, 1995), describes many of her experiences with specific postures. There are weekend workshops available (some with Gore) that give you experience with perhaps five postures. Such workshops are a good introduction, and I recommend them if they appeal to you."


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