Review by David Brazier PhD,
Author of The Feeling Buddha

"This book is highly opinionated and many of the opinions in it are first class. It does what it says and tries to help the reader pick their way through the minefield of New Age literature and teachings now available. In some respects, therefore, it is a kind of extended review of current thinking, praising and criticising freely in a field where some sorting out is certainly in order.

The author draws on a long experience with this material and applies a deal of down to earth intelligence to the matter. If you are not immediately put off by the words New Age, but do want to sort out the wheat from the chaff then this is one of the books you need. The book is particularly good at isolating apparently attractive ideas that are basically time wasters. It propounds the healthy view that this life constitutes a learning process that is spiritually guided and therefore trustworthy in the long run. It is, however a complex book with a great deal of good content.

It is also reader friendly, and although probably no reader is going to agree with everything they find here, that is principally because the book offers so much. You will certainly be stimulated and almost everybody can find something here that will help, and in some cases, help a lot." David Brazier PhD, Author of The Feeling Buddha and founder of Amida Trust.

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