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Book Launch on Aug 4th-5th

Please understand some of the factors involved in all the publicity about me and my new book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze. The media, of course, are vitally interested in finding sensationalism. I have provided the media with sound bytes (as sensational as I could find) to help promote my real agenda of helping people find quality spirituality.

The two major sound bytes that are being widely broadcast are:

The Law of Attraction usually fails folks.

God's love, meditation and prayer are often opium for the New Age masses.

While these sound bytes do attract attention...


My Main Agenda Is
Six Book Benefits for You

1. It helps you separate the New Age wheat from the chaff.
2. It provides three useful tools for measuring your spiritual development.
3. It offers rankings for most popular New Age systems and teachers.
4. It recommends studying specific books to help you align with your higher self.
5. It helps you avoid about 100 traps and treadmills that ensnare most New Age folks.
6. It points out long-term paths to your inner peacefulness, not quick covering-over fixes.


Actual Words by Early Readers to describe their experiences of this book have included: "compelling, challenging, unique, tough, wonderful, a bit overwhelming, valuable, daunting, and Wow!"

I hope that you use Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze to effectively align with your soul's preferences, which I feel confident will result in more inner peacefulness for you. Good luck on your journey, whether or not your path includes reading Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze..


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